Ozone Machines

Should you use an ozone machine in a building, a vehicle, an RV or other space?

Different people will give you different answers. For some, ozoning has worked well. For others, it has been disastrous.

For Ozone

"I would never do a room for less than 4 days with 30,000 ozone units."

"I was able to ozone my bathroom back to good when the washer went bad with Hell Toxin (HT). I could not save the washer and had to move it out but the ozone brought the building back. I have a separate bath house. When ozone makes thing worse it is because they under-ozone. The first thing ozone does is kill all the spores making them release all their toxin. You have to ozone much farther beyond that to remove all the toxins in the room. Always err on overdoing it."

"Only two things have been proven to remove mycotoxins: ozone and 500 degrees for an hour."

"Ozone has been clinically proven to degrade mycotoxins. When I moved I piled all my stuff into 3 different bedroom and tried different things. Only the ozone worked. Just don’t under-ozone. Do it for maybe 4 days, then air out for 4 days. You will need ozone generators for the rest of your life. Buy the cheap $50 ones on e-bay ozone parts. You do not need a housing, only a fan."

"I have done 4 full days of ozone on my Speed Queen top loader and got it safe after HT."

Against Ozone

"I’ve ruined my headliner with ozone. It unglued it."

"While ozone has worked for some, and does help some of us for minor cross contamination of mold, it has also made some people’s HT much worse. I used to rely on ozone to decontaminate my car once in a while if it got cross-contaminated with mold, but given how much it has worsened some strains of HT, and after experiencing HT myself, I personally would only use it if you for sure knew what you are dealing with isn’t HT."

"From what I have seen, if you are trying to deal with mold toxins from the original exposure that made you sick, with regard to the possessions you mention, it is unlikely ozone is going to be helpful to you."

"If you value the seals around the doors, I would not use ozone."

"Ozone doesn’t help me."

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